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Melanie Marta, B.A.
Office administration

Hi! I was born and raised in Fresno, CA. I had the pleasure of moving to the beach for a couple years later in my life. Like a mermaid, the ocean is where I feel I belong, and hope to move back to one day! 


I received my bachelor degree in Art and hope to utilize that in a way that somehow helps better the world. I adore most creative outlets, particularly artsy or crafty ones! I  really enjoy being able to create things with my hands, especially when they bring others joy!


I love being able to learn new things in a variety of different areas and still consider going back to school to further broaden my horizons. Nature is probably my biggest love, and I am extremely passionate about animal welfare and environmental conservation! My dream would be to use my passion for art in a way that helps bring awareness and make a positive impact for the sake of our planet.


I am a true believer that kindness and understanding can change the world a little at a time! 

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