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Our office accepts payment by cash, check, debit card, credit card, and HSA.

Payment is due at the time of your appointment.

While we do bill some insurance companies, it is recommended that you contact your insurance company to determine if your insurance plan covers the services you seek in our office, if you insurance covers the services of your clinician, if you have a deductible to meet, and the cost of your copay. Any fees not covered by insurance are your responsibility at the time of service.  

Fees and insurance

We  provide super bills for submission to your insurance company for reimbursement

  • Intake session: $250

  • Psychotherapy, 60 minutes with patient (53 minutes face to face): $175

  • Psychotherapy, 30 minutes with patient (16-37 minutes face to face): $90

  • Family Psychotherapy (without the patient present) (26 or more minutes face to face): $250


  • Psychological assessment: $300 per hour. This includes:

    • in-person testing

    • scoring and interpretation of assessment material

    • report writing


As of 01/01/2022, if you are uninsured or if you do not plan to submit your claim to your insurance company, health care providers and facilities must provide you with a “Good Faith Estimate” before you receive a service. This good faith estimate is not a bill, and it should include expected charges for the services you will be receiving. You could be charged more than the estimate if you receive additional items or services that your provider did not anticipate. If you receive a bill that is $400 or more above your good faith estimate, you may be eligible to start a patient-provider dispute. To read more about this, visit:

No Surprises Act

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