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Erika Eagerton, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist PSY30430

I received my bachelor's degree in psychology from California State University, Fresno, along with my master's and Doctoral degrees in Clinical Forensic Psychology from Alliant International University. I completed my Pre-Doctoral Internship and Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the Sullivan Center for Children. While my degree is in the forensic realm, the majority of my clinical experience involves working with children and those with developmental disabilities.

I have special interest in working with autistic people and provide clinical therapy as well as diagnostic services in this area. I also work with adults seeking evaluation to determine if they meet criteria for autism spectrum disorder and have specific experience in diagnosing autistic women. I enjoy working with the LGBTQIA+ community and conduct assessment for the purpose of providing gender affirmation and HRT letters.

I have experience in conducting psychodiagnostic evaluations, program evaluations, and diagnostic assessment in conjunction with the Regional Center. I provide care in the individual setting, and offer collaboration with parents to assist in managing a variety of behavioral difficulties. I have worked with parents and school systems to assist children with educational, behavioral, or emotional concerns and help children have their needs met in the educational setting.


My primary goal is to help kids manage the road to adulthood. I provide therapy to help kids process their thoughts and feelings, assessment to make diagnoses or to guide therapeutic treatment, and consultation with parents and other providers to help adults better understand the kids in their lives. I am an inclusive clinician who is neurodivergent and LGBTQIA+ positive.


I believe that all behavior is communication and that all children deserve to be heard.


I love to play chess, Super Mario Bros., Tetris, and Mario Kart. When I am not at work, I enjoy listening to loud music, watching scary movies, playing guitar, and riding my scooter through busy cities. My favorite dinosaur is the plesiosaur and I am a BIG fan of Greek Mythology.

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