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Craig Landers, Ph.D.
Psychological Associate PSB 9426605

I received my bachelor’s degree in psychology and theatre arts from Illinois Wesleyan University in Bloomington, Illinois, and moved on to receive a master’s and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Palo Alto University.  I completed my Pre-Doctoral Internship at Kaiser Permanente Walnut Creek in the Chemical Dependency Department and my Post-Doctoral Fellowship at Kaiser Permanente San Jose in the Child and Family Department.  Although I have received training in many different areas, the majority of my work and my passion has always remained in working with children and adolescents.


I have a clinical interest in working with autistic individuals as well as those that suffer from anxiety disorders.  I have also worked with individuals who have received recent medical diagnoses, and navigating the psychological process that often accompanies this revelation.  Since my dissertation, I have specialized in working with children's difficulties with bereavement, and continue to conduct research in this field.


Recently, I have begun conducting diagnostic assessments in conjunction with the Regional Center.  In the private setting, I work to provide collaborative care for children, working with caregivers in order to make sure that individuals receive the highest level of empirically validated care possible.  I have worked previously in the medical and school settings to assist children make sure they are provided with care and support across all domains.


My goal in therapy is to make sure that kids are able to see their own strengths and use them to navigate a changing and difficult world.  I also want to provide an environment in which they feel comfortable and safe speaking to all of their difficulties, and learn how to seek support long after they are no longer in therapy.  I am welcoming of all children and parents across diverse backgrounds.


Also, not to brag, but I have never lost a game of Mario Party.  Michaelangelo is by far the best Ninja Turtle, and Gambit is my favorite comic book character.  Outside of the office, I like to watch horror movies and Game Show Network.

                                    Supervised by Erika Eagerton, Ph.D., PSY30430                            

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